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Ray of Light Artistic Design discovers the extraordinary in your environment.




Let us transform your living space into a unique, comfortable, and elegant environment.

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In addition to the traditional base painting our faux finishes, venetian/clay plaster with color combinations add an enchanting atmosphere to the walls and ceilings of each home. We understand the importance of color because it is the first impression when you enter an environment, creating a mood and a lasting statement that family and guests will enjoy.
Classic techniques and materials are our signature at Ray of Light we use oil based stains, stain dyes, and lacquers that sprayed never rolled or brushed on. Our colorants do not fade, yellow, or appear milky. Oil based stain, stain dyes, and lacquers are vibrant in color and are second to none, so versatile we can add multiple layers and create any finish desired.
We are highly experienced in custom interior finishes and ornamental designs. Using color that fits the style and architecture of your home, we are able to create a design that suits your needs. While complementing the room’s furnishings and fixtures, the creation of unique hand painted ornamental designs are the hallmark of Ray Of Light Artistic Design, Inc.

Ray of Light Artistic Design discovers the extraordinary in your environment.








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Ray of Light Artistic Design

Ray of Light has been in existence since February of 2000. We began as artists design painters known for beautiful murals and Trompe L’oeil and have grown into a superior quality custom interior finish and cabinet refinisher in the Phoenix Metro Area. Our quality workmanship and integrity has sustained us for all these years with referrals being our primary advertising source. Ray of Light is dedicated to offering superior services and craftsmanship with skilled craftsman both for our custom interior finish and cabinet refinishing projects. Our office, stain shop and show room has been established in Tempe, Arizona near the Tempe Marketplace with convenient access from all over the Valley.






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